A living room with large windows and a view of a lake and trees.

What is the first thing that catches your eye when you enter a living room? For many people, it is the windows. Windows are the eyes of the room, letting in light, air, and views. They can also make or break the mood and style of the space. That’s why decorating large living room windows is so important and challenging.

Large living room windows can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you treat them. You must pay attention to them and cover them up with boring or ill-fitting window treatments to avoid missing out on their potential and creating a dull and lifeless room. 

But suppose you embrace them and dress them up with creative and attractive window treatments. In that case, you will enhance their beauty and functionality and create a stunning and cozy room. But how do you decorate large living room windows?

A simple way to enhance the appearance and privacy of your spacious living room windows is to use light and airy curtains or drapes. Window film can also add a contemporary flair, or you can display art or plants near the windows to draw attention.

In this article, I will share ten genius ways to decorate your large living room. Want to know? Keep reading.


Key Takeaways

  • Floor-to-ceiling curtains can make your windows look even larger and add elegance to the room.
  • Window film can add privacy to the room while still allowing natural light to enter.
  • Incorporating plants and other natural elements can enhance the beauty of the windows and the room.

How to Decorate Large Living Room Windows?

Large living room windows can create a stunning focal point in your home, but they also pose some challenges when it comes to choosing the right curtains, furniture, and accessories. Here are 10 Genius ways to decorate your large living room:

1. Utilize Natural Light

One of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your large living room windows is by harnessing the power of natural light. Not only does natural light create a bright and welcoming atmosphere, but it also has numerous health benefits. 

Maximizing the sunlight streaming through your windows can elevate your living space’s overall ambiance. Here are some genius ways to make the most of the natural light in your large living room:

Choose light and sheer curtains

Selecting the suitable curtains can significantly impact the amount of natural light that enters your living room. Opt for light-colored and sheer curtains that allow sunlight to pass through easily. 

These types of curtains not only create an airy and open feel but also provide privacy without obstructing the natural light. Consider choosing materials like cotton or linen that are translucent when illuminated by sunlight.

Install window film for privacy and sun protection

Window films are an excellent solution to enhance privacy and protect your living room from harmful UV rays. They come in various patterns and textures, allowing you to personalize the look of your windows. 

Additionally, window films can reduce glare and heat, ensuring your living room stays comfortable even during bright sunny days. From frosted designs to stained glass imitations, window films offer a versatile and stylish way to utilize natural light without sacrificing privacy.

Use blinds or shades to control light

Blinds and shades provide ultimate control over the amount of light that enters your living room. Opt for blinds made of light-filtering materials that still let natural light seep through while offering privacy. You can adjust the slats to the desired angle to regulate the brightness and create a cozy atmosphere. 

Otherwise, consider installing shades that can be easily rolled up or down, depending on your preference. With this versatile solution, you can effortlessly adjust the natural light to suit your daily needs.

A living room with large windows and a couch.

2. Add Style With Window Treatments

Adding stylish window treatments can make all the difference when decorating your large living room windows. Not only do window treatments provide privacy and control over natural light, but they also add style and sophistication to your space. Here are three genius ways to enhance your large living room windows with window treatments:

Install Decorative Shutters

Installing decorative shutters is one of the boldest and most elegant ways to dress up your windows. These timeless window treatments are not only functional but also add a touch of charm and character to your living room. 

With various styles and finishes available, you can choose shutters that complement your existing decor. Whether you opt for traditional wooden shutters or contemporary plantation shutters, they will elevate the aesthetics of your large windows.

Hang Colorful Drapes or Curtains

Hanging colorful drapes or curtains is a brilliant choice to infuse color and personality into your space. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or soft pastels, opt for curtains that reflect your style and create a focal point in the room. 

Choose fabrics that offer the right amount of light filtration and privacy while adding a touch of elegance. Mix and match patterns and textures to create a visually captivating look.

Incorporate Valances or Cornices

An often overlooked window treatment option, valances or cornices can instantly transform your windows into works of art. These decorative top treatments add a finishing touch to your curtains or blinds and create a polished and cohesive look. 

Valances or cornices can be tailored to match your overall design scheme, whether traditional, modern, or eclectic. Consider incorporating intricate detailing or playful patterns for added visual interest.

By taking advantage of these genius ways to decorate your large living room windows with window treatments, you can turn your windows into stunning focal points that enhance the overall aesthetics of your space. 

Experiment with different styles, colors, and textures to find the perfect window treatments that provide functionality and elevate your living room’s style quotient.

3. Showcase Plants And Greenery

One of the most ingenious ways to decorate your large living room windows is to bring in the beauty of nature by showcasing plants and greenery. 

Not only does this add a touch of freshness and color to your space, but it also creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere. There are several creative ways to incorporate plants and greenery into your window decor. Let’s explore some of them below!

Create a Window Garden with Hanging Plants

Create a stunning window garden by hanging plants from your large living room windows. This not only adds visual interest but also maximizes the use of vertical space. 

Choose various trailing plants, such as ivy or pothos, and hang them at different lengths to create a cascading effect. This will bring life to your windows and enhance the overall aesthetic of your living room.

Place Potted Plants on Window Sills

Another simple yet effective way to showcase plants and greenery is to place potted plants directly on your window sills. This allows the plants to bask in the sunlight while adding a touch of natural beauty to your windows. 

Opt for plants that thrive in bright, indirect light, such as succulents or flowering plants. Arrange them in different sizes and heights to create a visually appealing display.

Install Floating Shelves for Plant Display

Consider installing floating shelves along your large living room windows to take your plant display to the next level. These shelves provide a dedicated space for your plants and serve as decorative elements. 

Arrange the plants on the shelves strategically, ensuring that each one gets enough sunlight. This way, you can create an eye-catching plant display that will impress.

So, whether you hang plants, place them on window sills, or install floating shelves, showcasing plants and greenery is a genius way to decorate your large living room windows. Bringing nature indoors can transform your living space into a tranquil oasis that radiates beauty and calmness.

A large living room with lots of windows and plants.

4. Install Window Seats For Comfort

Furnishing a large living room with windows can be exciting, providing ample opportunity to create a welcoming and cozy space. One ingenious way to decorate your expansive windows is by installing window seats. 

They add an element of comfort and make excellent use of the available space, transforming it into a functional and aesthetically pleasing area. 

Let’s explore how to design a cozy reading nook with a window seat, add cushions and throw pillows for extra comfort, and incorporate built-in storage underneath the seats.

Design a Cozy Reading Nook by the Window

Imagine yourself curled up with a captivating book bathed in natural light streaming through the window. Creating a dedicated reading nook by installing a window seat can transform your living room into a haven for book lovers. 

Position the window seat in a corner or next to a large window, allowing the soft natural light to illuminate your reading material. Arrange a small side table nearby to hold your drink, or place a reading lamp for the perfect ambiance during the evening hours.

Add Cushions and Throw Pillows for Comfort

No cozy nook is complete without plush cushions and throw pillows. Enhance the comfort of your window seat by selecting cushions and pillows that complement your living room’s decor. 

Opt for soft fabrics and colors that evoke warmth and relaxation. Mix and match different patterns and textures to add visual interest and create a cozy atmosphere. Thick cushions and oversized pillows invite you to sink into your window seat, providing ultimate comfort as you unwind and enjoy the view outside.

Install Built-in Storage Underneath the Window Seat

Utilize the space beneath the window seat to incorporate built-in storage. This clever addition allows you to maximize functionality without sacrificing style. Opt for drawers or cabinets that seamlessly blend with the overall design of your living room. 

Whether you store books, blankets, or board games, having storage compartments under the window seat helps keep your living room organized and clutter-free while ensuring that everything you need is conveniently within reach.

A living room with large windows and a ceiling fan.

5. Highlight The View

One of the most significant advantages of having large living room windows is their breathtaking view. By strategically decorating these windows, you can emphasize and enhance the beauty of the scenery outside. Here are some genius ways to highlight the picture and make your living room windows the centerpiece of your space.

Use minimalistic window coverings to emphasize the view

When showcasing the view from your large living room windows, less is more. Opt for minimalistic window coverings that allow natural light to flood the room and put the focus on the outside scenery. 

Simple blinds or sheer curtains in light colors such as white or beige can add a touch of elegance while ensuring the view remains the star of the show.

Arrange furniture facing the window

To fully appreciate the magnificent view from your living room, arrange your furniture to direct attention towards the window. Consider placing your sofa or seating area facing the window, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the panoramic view while lounging comfortably. This maximizes the visual impact and creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Frame the window with artwork or a gallery wall

Another creative way to highlight the view from your large living room windows is to frame them with artwork or a gallery wall. Choose pieces that complement the colors and themes of the outside scenery, creating a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors; whether a single statement piece or an eclectic collection of paintings and photographs, framing the window will draw attention to the art and the view.


Enhances the beauty of the sceneryMay require frequent cleaning
Allows natural light to flood the roomCan be expensive depending on the artwork chosen

In conclusion, highlighting the view from your large living room windows requires thoughtful decoration and placement. By using minimalistic window coverings, arranging furniture facing the window, and framing the windows with artwork or a gallery wall, you can transform your living room into a serene oasis that celebrates the natural beauty outside.

6. Incorporate Window Accessories

Incorporating window accessories can be a game-changer when decorating large living room windows. Not only do they add a unique touch to your space, but they also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. 

In this section, I will share three genius ways to incorporate window accessories: hanging decorative window panels or stained glass, using window clings or decals for a unique touch, and installing decorative window grilles or bars.

Hang Decorative Window Panels or Stained Glass

One of the most elegant ways to dress up your large living room windows is by hanging decorative window panels or stained glass. These add a touch of sophistication and filter the incoming light, creating beautiful patterns and colors that dance across your space.

When choosing decorative window panels or stained glass, consider your living room’s overall style and theme. Opt for muted tones and intricate designs for a classic look, or go bold with vibrant hues and abstract patterns for a contemporary feel. Whatever you choose, these accessories will catch the eye and transform your windows into a focal point.

Use Window Clings or Decals for a Unique Touch

If you’re looking for a quick and budget-friendly way to add a unique touch to your large living room windows, window clings or decals are the way to go. These accessories come in various designs and styles, allowing you to customize your windows to match your taste and decor easily.

Whether you prefer floral motifs, geometric patterns, or even artistic illustrations, window clings or decals can effortlessly transform your windows into art. They are easy to apply and remove, making them an excellent option for those who love changing their decor frequently. They provide privacy while allowing natural light to flood your living room.

Install Decorative Window Grilles or Bars

Suppose you’re aiming for a more traditional or rustic aesthetic. In that case, installing decorative window grilles or bars can be a visually appealing option. These accessories add a touch of charm and provide a layer of security to your living room windows.

When choosing decorative window grilles or bars, consider the architectural style of your home. Opt for ornate designs with intricate detailing for a Victorian or colonial-style home or more straightforward, streamlined options for a modern or minimalist look. With the right choice, these accessories can help elevate the overall appeal of your large living room windows.

A living room with large windows and wood floors.

7. Create A Window Display

Use window ledges to showcase decor items.

To maximize your large living room windows, utilize the window ledges to display your favorite decor items. These ledges can act as mini shelves, allowing you to showcase treasured trinkets, potted plants, or even a collection of books. 

The key is choosing items that complement your interior design and enhance the natural light that floods through the windows. Consider arranging them aesthetically pleasing to create an eye-catching display that draws attention to your windows.

Hang string lights or window ornaments.

Another captivating way to decorate your large living room windows is by hanging string lights or window ornaments. This simple yet effective technique adds a touch of enchantment to your space, especially during the evening hours. 

String lights can create a cozy and dreamy ambiance, while window ornaments bring a playful element to the room. Opt for decorations that match the theme or style of your living room, whether rustic, modern, or eclectic. By doing so, you create a focal point that enhances the overall visual appeal of your windows.

Create a seasonal display with holiday-themed decorations.

One way to keep your large living room windows fresh and exciting throughout the year is by switching the decor for different seasons and holidays. 

For example, during the winter holidays, you can adorn your windows with festive wreaths, garlands, and sparkling lights. In the springtime, incorporate vibrant flowers or colorful Easter eggs. 

Embrace the warmth of summer by placing seashells, starfish, or nautical-themed accents on the windowsills. And as autumn arrives, consider incorporating pumpkins, fall foliage, or harvest-inspired decor. By updating your window display to reflect the season, you infuse your living room with a sense of celebration and create a constantly changing focal point. 

To conclude, you have endless creative and personal options for your window display for your big living room windows. By putting decor items on the ledges, attaching lights or ornaments to the windows, and setting up seasonal scenes, you can change your windows into appealing elements that enhance the ambiance of your living room.

So, let your imagination run wild as you turn those windows into works of art.

8. Enhance Privacy With Window Solutions

The windows in your large living room not only provide an abundance of natural light but also allow for stunning views of the outside world. However, privacy can sometimes be a concern, especially in rooms with expansive windows. 

Fortunately, several genius window solutions can enhance privacy without compromising on style. Let’s explore some of these options:

Install frosted or tinted glass

If you want to maintain the flow of natural light while adding a touch of elegance, consider installing frosted or tinted glass. These options create a blurred effect, preventing outsiders from peering into your living space. 

For a more personalized touch, frosted glass can be etched with intricate designs or patterns. In contrast, tinted glass can provide additional UV protection and reduce glare.

Use sheer curtains in combination with blinds or shades

Combining sheer curtains, blinds, or shades can offer optimum privacy control. Sheer curtains softly filter natural light while allowing a view of the outside. Paired with blinds or shades, they can be adjusted to your preferred level of privacy. 

When closed, the blinds or shades provide complete privacy, while the sheer curtains add a touch of elegance to your window treatment.

Utilize window panels with privacy liners

Window panels with privacy liners are an excellent option for those seeking privacy without compromising style. These panels have two layers: the decorative outer layer and a privacy liner on the reverse side. 

The privacy liner acts as a barrier, preventing outsiders from seeing into your living room while allowing gentle natural light to pass through. Choose from various designs, patterns, and colors to match your decor.

9. Experiment With Window Shapes

When decorating your large living room windows, one of the most effective ways to make a statement is by experimenting with different window shapes. 

By deviating from traditional rectangular windows, you can add visual interest, architectural charm, and a unique focal point to your space. Here are three genius ways to experiment with window shapes:

Install Arched or Round Windows

If you want to create a sense of elegance and sophistication in your living room, consider installing arched or round windows. These distinct shapes instantly draw the eye and give the room a soft, curved aesthetic. Arched windows are trendy in traditional or Mediterranean-style homes, while round windows add a modern touch.

Combine Different Window Shapes for a Unique Look

For a more daring approach, dare to mix and match different window shapes. You can create a unique and eye-catching design by combining various forms such as squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles. Play with different configurations and sizes to achieve a balanced, harmonious composition that suits your style.

Use Window Dividers to Create an Interesting Pattern

Another way to experiment with window shapes is by using dividers to create an interesting pattern. Window dividers, or muntins or grids, are bars or strips that divide the windowpane into smaller sections. You can create geometric patterns or intricate designs that catch the eye by incorporating different shapes and proportions.

Experimenting with window shapes enhances the visual appeal of your large living room windows. It allows you to showcase your style and creativity.

Whether you choose arched or round windows or opt for a mix of different shapes, consider the overall theme of your living room and the architectural style of your home. By embracing unconventional window shapes, you can transform your living room into a visually stunning space and uniquely yours.

10. Play With Textures And Patterns

One of the most effective ways to transform the look and feel of your large living room windows is to play with textures and patterns. You can create a visually exciting and dynamic space by incorporating different textures and patterns into your window coverings. 

Whether you like a simple and refined style or a daring and diverse look, there are many intelligent ways to adorn your big living room windows with textures and patterns. Here are some intelligent ways to experiment with textures and patterns:

Incorporate Textured Curtains or Blinds

One of the simplest ways to add texture to your large living room windows is by incorporating textured curtains or blinds. Textured curtains, such as those made from linen or silk, can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space. 

On the other hand, blinds with a textured finish, like bamboo or woven wood blinds, can bring a natural and organic feel to your windows. The texture of these window coverings adds depth and visual interest, enhancing the overall design of your living room.

Choose Patterned Window Coverings

If you want to take your window decorations to the next level, consider choosing patterned window coverings. Patterns can add personality and style to your large living room windows, creating a focal point. 

Opt for geometric patterns for a modern and contemporary look, or select floral prints for a more traditional and romantic feel. Make sure to choose ways that complement the existing decor in your living room, creating a cohesive and harmonious design.

Add Decorative Window Film with Unique Designs

Another creative way to incorporate textures and patterns into your large living room windows is by adding decorative window film with unique designs. Window film is a versatile option that allows you to experiment with various textures and patterns without replacing your existing window covers. 

There are countless options, from frosted and etched designs to stained glass and mosaic patterns. Decorative window film provides privacy while adding an artistic touch to your windows, transforming them into stunning focal points in your living room.

Playing with textures and patterns allows you to turn your large living room windows into stylish works of art. Choose textured curtains or blinds, patterned window coverings, or decorative window film to add depth, visual interest, and personality to your living space. 

Get creative and let your imagination run wild as you explore these genius ways to decorate your large living room windows.

Frequently Asked Questions  

How Can I Make Large Living Room Windows A Focal Point In My Space?

To make large living room windows a focal point, use decorative curtains, add window seats or shelves, incorporate statement furniture pieces, and choose window treatments that enhance the natural light and view.

What Are The Best Window Treatment Options For Large Living Room Windows?

The best window treatments for large living room windows are floor-to-ceiling curtains, sheer panels or blinds, plantation shutters, or motorized shades. These options provide privacy control of natural light and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space.

How Can I Enhance The Natural Light Coming Through My Large Living Room Windows?

To enhance natural light, keep window treatments minimal or sheer, use light-colored furniture and decor, and strategically place mirrors to reflect light. Additionally, keeping the windows clean and free from obstructions can maximize the light entering the room.


These ten genius ideas offer endless possibilities for transforming your large living room windows into stunning focal points. From layering window treatments to accentuating natural light with strategically placed mirrors, you can create a stylish and functional space. 

Whether you prefer a minimalist or a more eclectic look, these tips inspire enhancing your windows’ aesthetic appeal. So go ahead, get creative, and let your windows shine!

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